is your brands first And middle name...

my role is to help you give it a name, identity and a strategy.

Learning how to be omnipresent in your business via content can feel like carrying heavy bricks in a too small backpack for so many business owners. It can feel cumbersome. Too weighty. Takes too much time.

You have no idea what is this thing they call “content” …

And then the query – I have a logo and website – is that not enough?

content in its various forms is a game changer.

in my current role as a content strategist - I've been fortunate enough to partner and create

for some amazing business owners...

this is what i know...

Good content changes the game. And this includes the organic kind as well as the paid… And a business that has no content – is a beautiful home without furniture. If done consistently – it can significantly increase traffic, your pipeline and ultimately conversions…

Content for so many of my clients – is the foundation to building longstanding business relationships…

A tribe. Repeat customers or clients and consistent referrals.


After having conversations and consultations with hundreds of business owners – they struggle on what is their brand voice, who is their "avatar", what type of content should they create – should they take a course in Canva – what is this thing they call “email automation”, how do they become a content writer overnight and how in the world do they build a list to email and last but not least - create a lead strategy.

The antidote to a grappling, befuddled small business owner is to partner with someone who is knowledgeable and will take the time to learn your business, study your niche/industry and help you strategize your brands path and then have the ability to create the content and give you tools (a turn-key CRM) to generate the path to leads, sales and building a profitable tribe.

I am Lisa. I am a speaker, content writer, graphic connoisseur and an an author of Owning YOUR Authentic: The Power of Content Story Telling and Real-Life Application: Tips | Practices & Stories for Entrepreneurs as well as an occasional podcast host of The Brand Couch.

True confession, I am eclectic and view the business world through a creative lens that is not the sight of most… My favorite creative philosophy is content is science…it is built on data and looking beyond the preferences of the business owner or even the creator– content should speak to one’s audience. We are just the bridge to conversions and content is the vehicle.

For the past 15+ years I’ve built or restored multiple businesses in corporate America as a Business/Brand Developer– the very last went from zero to a multi-million-dollar business. After departing “9-5 Land” and starting my own digital agency – I’ve stood in the creative gap for hundreds of clients and helped them ascertain their business groove via strategy – creating content for them and offering them turn-key solutions.

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